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Employment Services

Individual Employment Services are one of the cornerstone programs of Community Connections. Traditionally, adults with disabilities have been expected to develop work skills in a sheltered setting, with limited financial incentive or personal challenge. Without the opportunity to develop skills in a professional setting, for many that meant that competitive employment was unreachable. Our community-based employment approach matches your interests and abilities with specific job requirements. As a result, you can find successful employment in a job that matches your needs with that of your employer. Our Place-Train Model gives individuals the opportunity to learn while on the job from the onset and enjoy the same salary and opportunities as their co-workers.

From intake, evaluation and placement to on-going support, Employment Services works to match interests, skills and abilities of an individual with job requirements resulting in employers hiring qualified and productive employees. Community Connections is proud of their reputation in the communities we serve of providing long-term employees.

Community Connections acts as a liaison for individuals with disabilities and employers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island by offering the following services:
  • Assessment and Planning– Individuals are referred to Community Connections from various state agencies and schools in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Employment specialists assess each individual’s skills, interests and abilities through interviews, situational assessments, formal assessment tools and reviews of previous experience.
  • Student Support– Employment Service Managers work closely with Special Education Directors and district coordinators to provide assistance to students prior to turning 22. Part of student support includes job exploration that assesses skills and allows them to explore different opportunities to find the right fit for when they are ready to transition to the next step. Our Job Coaches also provide on the job coaching to students.
  • Placement– Employment Specialists keep apprised of local business needs and available employment opportunities. Individuals receiving services are guided to apply for jobs that closely match their qualifications and interests. Assistance is available to both the applicant and employer throughout the hiring process.
  • Customized Job Coaching- Once hired, individuals are supported as they go through the same training and orientation process as other new employees. Employment Specialists are available to provide additional coaching to employees to ensure that quality and productivity is up to company standards. The duration of the coaching is determined by the employer and the employee, along with input from Community Connections Employment Specialists and program mangers.
  • Job Support– Consultation is provided to the employer and employee as needed. Employment Specialists will regularly visit each employment site to observe the employee’s performance, speak with the supervisor and/or assist with any issues. As opportunities arise for increased responsibilities or job advancement, additional coaching and support can be arranged to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Consumer Advisory Board (also known as Job Club)– These groups of consumers meet monthly or quarterly to discuss their work, challenges, and opportunities for growth as well as provide feedback about services received through Community Connections.

Everyone is different!
Community Connections offers custom support for each and every person seeking employment. Employment Specialists can provide comprehensive career planning and placement supports, interview assistance and on the job support. They help secure employment that is fulfilling as well as meeting the employers needs.

Who can receive Employment Services?
Adults and high school students with disabilities can work with Employment Specialists for opportunities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts South Coast, South Shore, and Cape Cod areas.

What jobs are available?
Trained staff of professional Employment Specialists work with local employers to find suitable and rewarding employment for those seeking meaningful long-term work. Employment specialists are committed to finding individuals jobs that best fit skill sets and promotes the desire to grow and learn new skills.

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