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Staff receive heartwarming letters of thanks

Staff appreciation letters speak volumes

In September, Community Connections joined countless other agencies across the country in celebrating Direct Service Professional Week.

We spent a week-long celebration in recognition of the important contributions Direct Support Professionals make each and every day while working to provide meaningful support and services to those we serve.

Special events were planned throughout the week, like offering up breakfast, lunch, lottery ticket giveaway, ice cream, and Amazon gift card drawings. Even better were the cards of appreciation to our staff from the families of the people we serve, which are shared below.

“These small tokens of appreciation pale in comparison to the efforts our dedicated staff provide day in and day out,” said CEO David Botting. “You serve as the backbone of our success.  We see the impact you make daily.  We see it in the smiles on our members’ faces, their pride as they achieve their goals, their sense of belonging as they make connections within the  community and in the satisfaction they get from expanding their levels of independence.  All of this happens because of your contributions.”

A poem submitted by a client’s guardians:

In a world full of problems, issues and doubt, there’s a place not too far that helps sort them out,
For the people attending its quite a resort, the love and the caring the helping, the thought.
Its for people that’s needy and feeling quite low, then when they get there its all systems go.
From the staff who are caring right at the front door, to those exuding their love on the floor.
Each one a staff member of service so nice, its a great way for people to live their life.
And even although its like zooming about, there’s a far steady person sorting it out,
Life never is dull in this heavenly place, each person attending feels warm, full of grace,
Some people find it hard to be accepted around, but not in this place where love can be found,
A problem an issue ? what can we do? here let this staff gather round you,
Is it medical problem going round in your head, or just the thought that you need go to bed.
Well there’s a nurse right beside you doing her thing, she will fix any problem as fast as a ding.
So when people are asking where can we go, where life is easy and nice and slow,
Where they only do things at the correct pace,  oh yes there is such a place.
So others are thinking well my oh my, where is this place ? way up in the sky?
No its really quite near for you and I: just get hold of the staff at CCI.

From a client’s mother:

“I would like to thank all the employees of the Fairhaven branch of CCI for all the time and dedication to assist and educate my daughter.

“I know one day I will no longer be around to oversee her care but I have great confidence in her caregivers and those who run her day programs. I know life will continue to be good for her and nothing makes me happier to know she has a place in this world and a very happy one.

“Thank you to all of you for all you do daily for the consumers because, speaking as a parent, it is so important to us to be able to relax and know they are happy, all their needs are being met and most of all, that they are happy.”

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