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Community Connections, Inc. announces Employees of the Quarter

Community Connections, Inc is proud to announce the following employees have been awarded the honor of employees of the quarter. The service period is for first quarter FY 2016 (July 1 – Sept 30) and it signifies the highest quality services in their role. 


Habilitation Services 

Alicia Coelho, Developmental Specialist from Fairhaven Habilitation Services has been a wonderful addition to the Fairhaven team. Alicia makes the clients in her group her top priority, but also manages to assist anyone who needs a helping hand.  She is always thinking of ways to improve the quality of services we provide, whether it be arranging things to be more accommodating or coming up with creative new ideas for activities.  She keep her clients happy and motivated, and enthusiastic about being at the program.  Alicia secured Walkathon donations and has also helped out the Transportation team when they needed assistance.  Thank you Alicia!

Shana Couto, RN from Fairhaven Habilitation Services has been with us for 4 years.  She is an excellent resource for staff at the program, readily sharing her wealth of medical knowledge and taking the time to answer any and all questions.  Her diagnostic skills are impeccable and she communicates very effectively with families and residential caregivers.  She has even researched handouts she can give to family members or caregivers when they are taking care of a client with a new, unfamiliar diagnosis.  Shana has been a great resource in training new nurses at CCI, and is committed to ensuring her caseload documentation is current and complete.  On more than one occasion, she has been a voice for clients who could not advocate for themselves.  Her pride in the health and happiness of the clients she serves is evident in her advocacy for them.  Congratulations Shana, we appreciate all of your hard work!


Kayla Dupuis

Kayla Dupuis, Developmental Specialist at Fairhaven Life Skills does a wonderful job of keeping her clients active and engaged.   In recent months she has researched and implemented new activities and experiences, such as visiting Blithewold Mansion and Gardens in Bristol ,RI, the museum at Fort Tabor in New Bedford, numerous farm visits, and volunteer activities such as “Be Bold, Be Bald” and “Red Nose Day”. Thank you Kayla for your creativity and commitment to the individuals we serve!
Liz Glover, Developmental Specialist at Plymouth Habilitation Services, is a go-getter who is easy to work with and makes the day enjoyable for all of those around her.  She is quick to volunteer her services and does not wait to be asked to help others.  Her caring nature, perpetual smile, and can-do attitude are refreshing and greatly appreciated.  Congratulations Liz  – we truly appreciate you for all that you do!

Tiffany Labbe, Aide at Plymouth Habilitation Services is a kind, caring individual who always displays a positive attitude.  She has excellent

Tiffany Labbes

Tiffany Labbes

suggestions and ideas that have benefited the program.  Tiffany is hardworking, reliable and can always be depended upon to get the job done, and done well.  She always put others before herself, which makes her a tremendous asset to the program.  Thank you Tiffany for all that you do – keep up the good work!

Rachel Berube, Developmental Specialist at Fall River Habilitation Services, is being recognized for her commitment and focus on keeping her consumers active and engaged.  Rachel was an Aide before being promoted, and she has gone above and beyond engaging her consumers, with activities that they enjoy and that keep them focused, whether in a group or one-to-one setting.  Rachel’s calm demeanor, and positive and professional approach serve her well.  She is a true team player and everyone enjoys working with her.  Rachel often will bring a client to the swing, and swings with them while she reads to them or has a conversation with them, even though they are unable to respond.  They clearly enjoy the experience.  Rachel, thank you for being such a wonderful part of our team!
Patricia MacMakin, Therapy Specialist at Yarmouth Habilitation Services, is a great role model to staff and clients at the program.  Patricia’s calm and patient demeanor make her a magnet for clients, who seek her out to sing, go for walks, or just to say hello.  The extra time she takes with our clients makes them reassured that they are in good hands here!  Patricia has been very helpful in covering Life Skills groups, putting an emphasis on communication and relaxation strategies.   When assisting with lunches in the day hab, she helps to ensure the safety of all and keeps things running smoothly.  Patricia’s documentation is always in excellent shape, up to date and on time.  Her awareness of timelines and other staff’s workloads is refreshing; she is very considerate of others needs and ensures she is helping move things forward.  Congratulations Patricia, we are so fortunate to have you on our team!
Mercedes Tetrault, Individual Supports at Wareham, has shown a strong commitment to the clients on her caseload.  She consistently goes above and beyond what is expected, to ensure that all of the individuals she serves receive the absolute best support.  She helps her clients at nights and on the weekends, helping them through challenging situations.  Despite the stress of her role,  she always maintains a positive attitude and never complains. Mercedes has established an excellent rapport with her clients, their families and their Service Coordinators, and has been praised by DDS for her excellent work with managing difficult client situations.  Thank you Mercedes and keep up the great work!
Employment Services

Laurie Pereira, Program Coordinator at Fall River Employment Services, has done an excellent job working with a student and family member that were referred to us by Diman Vocational High School.  The Director of Special Needs has commented on the great job that she has done in meeting the goals that were presented to the students at their IEP meeting.  She has gone above and beyond, working very closely with her

Laurie Pereira and Flora of FRLS

Laurie Pereira and Flora of FRES

teammates to ensure that all consumers were receiving appropriate services, even when the program was short-staffed.  Laurie consistently exceeds her Manager’s expectations, and is a positive and productive force in the program.  Congratulation Laurie, you deserve to be recognized!

Polly Burns, Program Coordinator at Cape Cod Employment Services consistently provides mentoring and support to the rest of her team.  She offers suggestions for job placements and is always sharing new marketing opportunities. She keeps up to date regarding job openings with employers such as BJ’s, Home Depot, Stop and Shop, and new businesses like Chik-Fil-A.  She can then make appropriate suggestions based on the unique interests, challenges and needs of our clients.  She has been very successful in helping clients navigate challenges and to excel at work.  Additionally, she has created tools to make QE and  case management more manageable.  Polly is well respected by clients and staff, and we are grateful to have her as part of our team!
Transportation Services
Ken Grieder, Driver for Cape Cod Transportation Services, played a key role in helping to orient the program’s new Manager.  From answering route and van questions to helping the new Manager make contacts with necessary stakeholders, Ken has been invaluable to the program during this time of transition.  He offers years of experience, helpful insights, and knows the program just about as well as anyone could.  Thank you Ken for welcoming your new Manager and helping him to get started off on a path to success!
Jerry Whitaker, Program Coordinator for Cape Cod Transportation Services has also been instrumental in orienting the new Manager, especially in helping him to learn all aspects of the billing process.  Jerry has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and has been a strong and steady leader for the program through times of transition.  He ensures that things run smoothly and he takes a positive and organized approach to all issues that are brought to his attention.  Thank you Jerry for continuing to be an incredible asset to the program!
Community Connections would like to thank these and all employees for their service.

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